‘Mystery travel’ is a new concept for those who simply don’t have the time to plan a trip of a lifetime or for those who have a love of the unknown.

If you decide to opt for a Wix Squared ‘mystery travel’ holiday all you have to do is give us details of your loves, likes and dislikes and we will do the rest. Wix Squared will take care of every element of the trip and put forward 3 country options to visit during your selected time frame.

Once the budget is set, we will do everything from booking restaurants, spa treatments, day trips, guides, flights and much more for your surprise getaway.

In order to make this work we need to have an initial telephone consultation to understand exactly what you would like to get out of your mystery holiday.

You can know as little or as much as you like about your mystery holiday prior to the trip, even to the extent of receiving daily alerts once your trip has started, via a mobile app.

“This year I took a trip – destination unknown till the airport, activities revealed via an app during my time away – with Wix Squared. The result? An adrenaline-filled stay in Morocco, where not knowing what was around the corner made me experience everything in the moment.”

Ianthe Butt – freelance journalist for BA HighLife


We can create an itinerary full of challenges, that educate, entertain, and enable friends, families and groups travelling together to discover more about the country they are visiting, through solving clues and in return, receive rewards along the way. From wildlife photography challenges, to blind tea tasting competitions, hiking contests to navigating countryside by boat, bike and Tuk Tuk, the Wix World Challenge itineraries offer a new sense of adventure that promise a truly extraordinary travel experience that bring families, friends and groups closer and leave guests feeling enriched and alive.