This island nation is brimming with rainbow coloured reefs and tropical fish best explored with expert marine biologists. The pristine white sand beaches rival those of the Maldives far from the glistening lights of Manilla and are surrounded with limestone cliffs and picturesque volcanic islands.


The best time to travel is November-April with temperatures rising in March and April.
The rainy season is May-October when the arrival of typhoons is unpredictable.

  • The Philippines offers wonderful weather in January and it is rare to see any rain during this month, so be sure to book with plenty of notice to secure the best rooms.
  • Temperatures are slightly warmer than January and this is an excellent time of year for diving and sunbathing. The hot air balloon fiesta takes place just north of Manilla with balloon rides, skydiving and aerobatic displays. 
  • The temperatures are climbing but it is still a lovely time to visit the Philippines where you can cool off in the turquoise waters and witness some incredible marine life. For a bit of culture, it is a short flight from Manila to Tokyo or Osaka for the cherry blossom season.
  • April is the last month of the dry season and it is best to avoid Easter when there is a hike in the hotel rates. Time your visit with the Dragon Boat Festival from the white sandy coastline of Boracay. 
  • You might see a splattering of rain in May which will come as a light relief from the high temperatures. Now is a great time to indulge in sailing, kayaking or simply relaxing in a beautiful spa.
  • The heavier rain showers begin in June but the islands around Cebu tend to stay dry until August and there are a couple of great hotels we work with in that area.
  • Cebu, Bohol and Panglao are the driest parts of the Philippines at this time of year where we can book you into an incredible hotel or charter a boat around these waters with untouched dive sites.
  • This is one of the wettest months of the year when typhoons are likely, hence you might prefer to only spend a short amount of time here before continuing to Bali for more guaranteed weather.
  • The monsoon rain continues and it can be very wet in September, however we have some incredible rates with the hotels and you can always hole up in a luxury spa to escape the thunderstorms.
  • If you can wait until November, we recommend doing so to avoid the last of the rains. Alternatively take the first part of your holiday in Hong Kong before flying on to the Philippines where we can negotiate a great deal on a private island.
  • November tends to be mostly dry when you can visit local villages, ancient caves and dive amongst wrecks, though be prepared for the odd tropical shower.
  • This is a great time of year to visit the Philippines with warm sunny days and great visibility for snorkelling and diving in the incredible turquoise waters or star gazing into cloudless skies.