Our Destinations

Wix Squared creates luxury bespoke holidays, honeymoons and events in incredible destinations specialising in unique experiences, expert guiding and attention to detail in everything we do.   Each destination has been selected based on the first hand-knowledge of our experts. If, however, you would like to explore a country that we don’t know inside out, we have a little black book of contacts we can introduce you to, who will ensure that wherever you go, your experience will be second to none.

A melting pot of senses, Oriental cuisine, dramatic landscapes, varied cultures and curious wildlife. Here you will find service at its best and at such great value too. Nowhere else is quite like it and the deeper you go, the more addictive it becomes.
A region so often misunderstood, easily accessible pockets of the Middle East offer a peek into where religion began. Here, Christianity, Judaism and Islam can live alongside each other and Wix Squared has chosen to focus on a few distinctive destinations; Israel, Jordan, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
The Indian subcontinent incorporates everything from the soaring snow-capped Himalayan mountain range down to the low lying Maldivian islands and so much more in between. This is a region of inspiring contrasts home to over 2000 ethnic groups and each one humbler than the next.
Whilst we have great contacts in New Zealand, Melanesia and New Guinea, our real passion is for Australia where you can easily spend over a month discovering this diverse island.
Africa is renowned for its wildlife and safari experiences, but Wix Squared has chosen to specialize in Morocco where we can really differentiate ourselves. We have a director based in Morocco with access to knowledgeable cultural guides, experienced trekking escorts and local food connoisseurs.
Most of Europe is easily explored alone, but where we can really add value is in Iceland. One of our experts travels here twice a year to keep her knowledge up to date and to ensure you will see the world’s youngest country in all its glory.
Although we have focused on our areas of expertise throughout the website, we have a number of highly skilled contacts around the world who work with us to arrange equally special tailor-made holidays in many of the countries that we don't currently cover. Wix Squared can introduce you and ensure you get the same level of personal attention to detail that you can expect from our own experts. Be it a weekend shopping in New York, a month trekking through the Andes, wine tasting in South Africa, safaris in the bush, heli-skiing in Canada, sailing around the Mediterranean or cruising through the Galapagos.