CambodiaBlue skies and sunshine with little chance of rain and high-water levels on Tonle Sap mean boat trips are still possible to visit the fishing communities.

    ChinaHead down south in January, away from the icy temperatures of the north and the bone-chilling damp of central China. Tropical Yunnan or Macau are cool (particularly in the evenings) but pleasant.

    Hong KongThis is the coldest but also the driest month of the year with some cloud cover. It is a fantastic time to hit Hong Kong’s shops during the January sales or take a walk between the Peak and Aberdeen.

    IndonesiaBeing a tropical destination, expect rain across most of the country in January. For keen divers, head to Raja Ampat aboard a private yacht where the weather is more guaranteed.

    JapanShinto trains run all night on New Year’s Eve to allow the celebrations to continue. Whilst it is chilly on most islands, you will see clear views of Mount Fuji from Tokyo and excellent skiing conditions in Hokkaido.

    LaosThe mountainous regions go below freezing in early January, but the rest of the country is at its peak when it is dry and sunny. Travel from 5th January onwards to avoid the inflated hotel rates over the festive season. 

    MalaysiaThis is a great time to visit Langkawi and the west coast for beautiful beaches in hot and humid temperatures, whilst the east coast beaches close for the rainy season and the wildlife on Borneo takes shelter.

    MyanmarThis is a wonderful time to visit Myanmar when it tends to be dry throughout the country. Time your visit with the Ananda Temple festival in Bagan and sail above it by hot air balloon.

    PhilippinesThe Philippines offers wonderful weather in January and it is rare to see any rain during this month, so be sure to book with plenty of notice to secure the best rooms.

    Singapore Although warm, you will experience some rain at this time of year so use Singapore as a stop-over for a night or two before continuing to Southeast Asia where the weather is better.

    ThailandJanuary is one of the driest and sunniest months over the entire country. With cool breezes along the coast and the perfect time to go walking in the north close to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

    VietnamThe north of Vietnam is very cold at this time of year. The south of Vietnam experiences warmer weather making it a great time to head to the beach. It is best to avoid Tet (Vietnamese New Year) when many attractions are closed.


    IsraelAt this time of year, the temperatures are on the cooler side with rain likely and certain parts of the country experiencing snowfall.

    JordanThis is the wettest time of year to visit Jordan when it can also be very cold, and snow falls on higher ground. We suggest sticking to the Dead Sea and Aqaba for slightly more manageable weather conditions.

    Oman – You might experience some rain at the start of the month when the weather is unpredictable and the hotels still charge peak rates after New Year’s Eve, but it will certainly be a lot warmer than Europe.

    UAEAlthough it can be a little cooler in UAE in January, it is a lot warmer than Europe. You might decide to time your visit with the Dubai Shopping Festival before jetting off to somewhere a little warmer like the Maldives or Sri Lanka.


    BhutanThis is one of the colder months of the year when you may experience snow on the ground, there are also less visitors and it is the best time for clear mountain views.

    IndiaThis is a beautiful time to visit India with crystal clear views of the Himalayas and an eerie morning mist around the Taj Mahal. As such it is a little chillier in the north, whilst the southern beaches in Kerala are great for a warmer retreat.

    MaldivesPeak season has begun, and the rates tend to lower after 10th January when you can still enjoy incredible marine life and plenty of sunshine on idyllic beaches.

    NepalAlthough cold, this is one of the best months for clear mountain views when less tourists are around and the weather is clear and sunny.

    Sri LankaJanuary is a great time to visit Sri Lanka with glorious weather in the south and the annual Galle Literary Festival lasts for 4 days with workshops, lectures and famous authors gathering in Galle Fort.


    MoroccoDespite the temperatures being a little cooler at this time of year, it rarely rains, and it is warm in the sunshine. The views of the snow-covered Atlas Mountains are spectacular, and we highly recommend getting scrubbed clean in a steamy hammam in the souks.


    AustraliaAvoid the north when the monsoon prevails. Instead take a stroll from Bronte to Bondi Beach over the striking coastal cliffs, or take a surf lesson beneath them.


    IcelandThis is one of the coldest and wettest times of year to visit Iceland. You could time your visit with the Thorrablot midwinter feast when Icelanders serve Viking food such as fermented shark, blood sausage and dried fish – not for the faint hearted.


    CambodiaThis is one of the best times to visit Cambodia with wonderful sunrises and sunsets over the paddy fields, temples, and water bodies.

    ChinaWhilst winter is coming to an end, February can still be bitterly cold, and you’ll have to go right down south to find warmth. However, it’s a great time to experience the traditions of Chinese New Year, which usually falls in early February.

    Hong KongTet (Chinese New Year) is normally in February when there are numerous celebrations, horse racing and fireworks over Victoria Harbour. There will also be some light rain showers at this time of year.

    IndonesiaThis is one of the best times to be in eastern Indonesia to swim amongst incredible marine life. Northern Sumatra experiences less rain at this time of year with the chance to see orangutans in Bukit Luwang.

    JapanThe Sapporo snow festival lasts a week in Hokkaido where gigantic snow sculptures are created and it is one of the best times of year for powder skiing.

    LaosSunshine with clear blue skies and a low chance of rain, encourages wonderful sunrises and sunsets over the Mekong and the temples in Luang Prabang. 

    MalaysiaWith similar weather patterns to January this is the perfect time to explore Pangkor, Panang and Langkawi.

    MyanmarFebruary is the peak time to travel the entire country so we encourage you to book early to secure the best hotels, boats and guides.

    PhilippinesTemperatures are slightly warmer than January and this is an excellent time of year for diving and sunbathing. The hot air balloon fiesta takes place just north of Manilla with balloon rides, skydiving and aerobatic displays.

    Singapore The rains have come to a halt, so spend a few days in Singapore and explore the buzzing regions of China Town and Little India for delicious street food experiences. Then head to the western Malaysian peninsula for some beach action.

    ThailandThailand is the ideal place to take the family to in half term. With elephant camps in the north, a buzzing nightlife in Bangkok and plenty of sunshine on the east coast.

    VietnamFebruary is one of the best months to travel to Vietnam as most of the country tends to be dry and sunny. It is best to avoid Tet (Vietnamese New Year) when many attractions are closed, but the water puppet festival is a fun event to attend.


    IsraelDespite the cooler temperatures, this is an excellent month for hiking, as long as you don’t mind getting wet. Wildflowers cover the green hills of Judea, Galilee and the Golan Heights and many sites are tourist free.

    JordanJordan is more pleasant towards the end of February as the temperatures start to climb and there is an interesting Arts Festival in Aqaba that you can visit when you are not exploring the incredible underwater life in the Red Sea.

    OmanFebruary has more guaranteed sunshine than January. Feel free to partake in the Muscat Festival celebrations which last all month. Alternatively head to the Wahiba Sands Desert where we can set up a private campsite for you.

    UAEFebruary is peak time for UAE, especially as school half term is during this month and with water parks, theme parks, indoor ski slopes, white sandy beaches, shopping malls and incredible kids’ clubs, it is the perfect safe family getaway.


    BhutanFebruary is a pleasant time of year to visit Bhutan and although it is still too cold for camping, time your visit with the Punakha festival for some incredible celebrations in the most beautiful Dzong in the country.

    IndiaFebruary is one of the prime times to visit all parts of India with warm sunny days, showing the temples and scenery in their best light (except in the very north when there is snow on the ground).

    MaldivesFor February half term you won’t find a better beach destination for families with plenty of activities such as sailing, cycling, water-skiing, snorkelling, open-air cinemas or even sand building competitions.

    NepalStill chilly with stunning panoramic views, February is a popular time for trekking in the Annapurna massif where you can stay in mountain lodges with open log fires to keep you warm in the evenings.

    Sri LankaFor high chances of leopard sightings, head to Yala National Park or go whale and dolphin watching off the coast of Mirissa. This is one of the most popular months to travel to Sri Lanka.


    MoroccoThere is still a chance of rain in February but now is a lovely time to explore the Imperial cities of Marrakech and Fes or trek in the Atlas Mountains. You may also catch the end of the ski season in Oukaïmeden or Ifrane for the novel experience of skiing in Africa.


    AustraliaThis is a great time to visit the gastronomic city of Melbourne with day trips to vineyards, golf courses, beaches and national parks. Tasmania also has some delicious foodie experiences on the Hobart waterfront.


    IcelandFebruary is one of the best times to see the Northern Lights for a long weekend and remember to wrap up warm as it the days are short, and the nights are long.


    CambodiaWith a reduced chance of rain and plenty of sunshine, March is a spectacular time to visit Cambodia. Escape the heat with a dip in the Koh Rong Archipelago at the end of your holiday.

    ChinaThe weather in March is changeable. With spring just around the corner, temperatures are on the rise, however, even if it’s not raining, skies can be overcast. It’s still the ‘off-season’ so visitors will be fewer and there are no public holidays.

    Hong KongThe humidity increases and the showers get a little heavier. Take a cable car to see the lush green countryside on Lantau Island and tag on some time in Vietnam where the weather is more predictable.

    IndonesiaRaja Ampat, Papua and Moluccas have the best weather at this time of year, and we work with several private boats sailing through these waters.

    JapanMarch/April is the famous cherry blossom season, best viewed in some of the stunning gardens of Tokyo or travel further afield to Takayama for the Matsuri Festival to welcome the cherry blossom.

    LaosTemperatures start to rise as the water levels on the Mekong drop. Crop burning also starts towards the end of the month when the air becomes hazy in rural areas.

    MalaysiaThe east coast monsoon fades giving you the choice between both coastlines of the peninsula for a picture-perfect beach holiday. Alternatively climb Mount Kinabalu before the crowds arrive in the summer.

    MyanmarMarch is a wonderful time of year to visit Myanmar with warm sunny days. Coincide your trip with the Shwedagon Pagoda festival in Yangon and take a ride upon the circular railway in the city.

    PhilippinesThe temperatures are climbing but it is still a lovely time to visit the Philippines where you can cool off in the turquoise waters and witness some incredible marine life. For a bit of culture, it is a short flight from Manila to Tokyo or Osaka for the cherry blossom season.

    SingaporeMarch is a popular time to visit Singapore when it is experiencing good weather. Having taken advantage of the dynamic shops and restaurants, continue further east to Japan in time for the cherry blossom season.

    ThailandThere is great visibility under the water for diving, although you will find some haze in the north from the slashing and burning of crops. Bangkok and the east coast make excellent holiday destinations at this time of year.

    VietnamThis is a great time to travel through most of Vietnam. Relax on one of the central or southern beaches, trek in the northern mountains or sail through the striking islands from Halong Bay.


    IsraelWhile temperatures are beginning to rise, they are still quite cool, and you are likely to experience some rain. Another good month for hikers.

    JordanMarch is the start of high season, so the main attractions are still relatively quiet. Though you will need to wrap up warm if you fancy a trip to Wadi Rum where it can get very cold at night.

    OmanMarch is a popular month to be in Oman with beautiful sunny days when the roses in the Jebel Akhdar Mountains come into bloom creating the perfect backdrop for your private tented camp that we can set-up with dramatic views.

    UAEAn incredible food festival often occurs in Dubai, in March. If you can’t make it work for your dates we can point you in the right direction for numerous Michelin star restaurants, unique dining experiences and street food options throughout the UAE.


    BhutanThis is one of the best months to visit Bhutan when the rhododendrons are in bloom and the famous Paro festival takes place, meaning the earlier you can book the better, to secure tickets as well as the best accommodation and guides.

    IndiaMuch warmer days and the festival of Holi often occurs in March. A time for celebrating love and colour when you can partake in the action by throwing brightly coloured paint over each another.

    MaldivesThis is another popular time of year to travel to the Maldives with great weather conditions and good visibility for snorkelling/diving. For a little injection of culture take a direct flight to south India or Sri Lanka.

    NepalWith temperatures on the rise this is a peak time to be in Nepal. The days become longer so you can hike further, and it is more comfortable to camp.

    Sri LankaAlthough there are sometimes short rain showers in the cultural triangle and in the tea plantations, the rest of the country is at its best with golden sand beaches sparkling in the south.


    MoroccoSpring starts in March and the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens (Majorelle Gardens) come into bloom. This is also the perfect month to travel to the Sahara whilst the temperature is not too hot.


    AustraliaThe first half of March sees Queensland at its lushest and greenest and the south is still nice and warm.


    IcelandThe Northern Lights can still be seen in all their glory, whilst Oracas arrive along the coast, and we can arrange boat trips with a wildlife photographer.


    CambodiaGet ready for Khmer New Year and this is when the mangoes are at their juiciest. Humidity increases and temperatures can rise to 40°C/104°F. Slashing and burning of crops in the countryside pollute the air sometimes creating a haze

    ChinaAs spring arrives, most of China experiences a pleasant climate in April and blossom starts to cover the trees. The south and central regions are still rainy, but there’s plenty of sunshine between the showers.

    Hong KongCharter a junk for the day to discover the beaches around Repulse Bay or explore the city for a few nights before flying on to the Maldives for idyllic beaches.

    IndonesiaGo in search of orangutang in Kalimantan or bag a deal on one of the boats relocating between eastern and western Indonesia.

    JapanThe cherry blossom season continues into April and early bookings are highly recommended. ‘Golden Week’ in April/May should be avoided in Japan when rates double and places get booked up way in advance.

    LaosCool off with a water-fight to welcome the Lao New Year when humidity increases, and temperatures can rise dramatically.

    MalaysiaApril is the peak time for all coastlines with high chances of swimming with whale sharks. Avoid the Cameron highlands when the rains are heavy in the jungle.

    MyanmarCelebrations for the start of light rain are in the form of the Thingyan Water festival and with the Myanmar New Year shortly afterwards, the country is best avoided over these dates when many places of interest are closed.

    PhilippinesApril is the last month of the dry season and it is best to avoid Easter when there is a hike in the hotel rates. Time your visit with the Dragon Boat Festival from the white sandy coastline of Boracay.

    SingaporeThis is a wonderful time to visit Singapore when you should experience warm sunny days. Explore the stunning ‘Botanical Gardens’ and ‘Gardens by the Bay’ as spring time arrives.

    ThailandWelcome Songkran (Thai New Year) with water throwing competitions to relieve yourself from the high temperatures and humidity, across the country. Whale sharks can also be seen in Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

    VietnamCool and dry in the north with rising temperatures in central and southern Vietnam. The end of the month may see a few showers in the south, so Easter is often the perfect time to visit, when visitor numbers can be lower.


    IsraelAs spring arrives, the weather becomes more pleasant with plenty of sunshine and rising temperatures, although the evenings can still be chilly. Pools and beaches are open to the public, and the festivals of Easter and Passover draw large crowds, so these times are best avoided.

    JordanSpringtime in the nature reserves is a beautiful time of year to visit Jordan when the landscapes are green and lush, and we can arrange some spectacular hiking from one of our favourite eco-lodges.

    OmanWith temperatures climbing you might want to avoid the desert towards the end of the month, but the roses are still in full bloom in the mountains and the Nizwa Friday cattle market makes an interesting stop-off point between Muscat and Jebel Shams.

    UAEGuaranteed sunshine is normally on the cards for April. Consider splitting your time between the Arabian Desert, Downtown Dubai and a beach retreat.


    BhutanApril is a wonderful month for nature lovers when the rhododendrons are still in bloom and the Paro Tshechu (festival) may occur in April depending on the lunar calendar.

    IndiaThe temperatures are rising across the country meaning it is the optimum time to go in search of the elusive tiger when vegetation is less dense and wildlife head into the open to find water. It is also at this time of year when the rhododendrons are in bloom in the Himalayas.

    MaldivesThe Easter holidays are a wonderful time to explore the Maldives, if you have longer than a week, consider combining two different islands and split your stay between a beach villa and an over-water villa.

    NepalSpringtime sees the rhododendrons in full bloom against a snowy mountain backdrop. Take the opportunity to track wildlife in the national parks of Bardia, Pokhara and Chittwan.

    Sri LankaSri Lanka is a great option for a family holiday and an introduction to Asia over the Easter holidays. There are plenty of wildlife experiences possible from elephant orphanages to turtle sanctuaries and jeep safaris in the national parks.


    MoroccoThis is one of the most popular months to visit Morocco, particularly around the Easter holidays when you can learn to kite surf in Essaouira, have tea with a Berber in the mountains or indulge in a traditional hammam in the souks.


    AustraliaApril sees the rains move from north to south, hence the weather is more unpredictable, but the country is full of stunning Autumnal colours.


    IcelandSpring arrives and this is a beautiful time to explore Iceland as the flowers come into bloom and the sun stays higher for longer. Fishing, whale watching, and golf are also great in April.


    CambodiaWith increased humidity, the second half of the month sees the arrival of the monsoon, when temperatures drop a little and the country experiences short downpours. Slashing and burning of crops in the countryside pollutes the air sometimes creating a haze.

    ChinaAlong with October, May is a perfect time to visit China. You’ll experience warm, sunny days, lush, green scenery, and blooming flowers. Bear in mind, though, that many people travel at this time, especially during Spring Festival (1st – 3rd May).

    Hong KongThe weather starts to get hotter, more humid and it is the beginning of the typhoon season. Hong Kong is still great for a city break or take a connecting flight to Koh Samui for better weather on the beaches.

    IndonesiaThis is a lovely time to explore Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara with warm sunny days and less tourists around – perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

    JapanMay is a wonderful time to hike in the National Parks and get off the beaten track or to see some Sumo wrestling in Tokyo either at a professional wrestling match or behind the scenes in the Sumo wrestling stables.

    LaosThis is the beginning of the rainy season which tends to be warmer with short rain showers in the afternoon. A haze often forms in the air because of the slashing and burning of countryside crops.

    MalaysiaBetter weather is experienced on the east coast and now is a good time to see the markets in Kuala Lumpur in full swing. It is also one of the best times for jungle treks in Borneo.

    MyanmarTemperatures are more pleasant and although there is a high chance of rain, there are less tourists in Myanmar and you can still visit the beaches of Ngapali.

    PhilippinesYou might see a splattering of rain in May which will come as a light relief from the high temperatures. Now is a great time to indulge in sailing, kayaking or simply relaxing in a beautiful spa.

    SingaporeMay is one of the peak times to be in Singapore for the drier weather. We can arrange some wonderful food experiences, private boat trips or hole up for a week on Capella Island – the perfect family holiday destination.

    ThailandThe temperature is slightly more pleasant than in April and you will experience some rain, particularly on the west coast. Bangkok is less crowded, and sightseeing is best done in the mornings and afternoons.

    VietnamThe rains start in the north and south of Vietnam breaking through the humidity. However, it is a wonderful time to experience the culture of Hoi An and Hue as well as the nearby beaches.


    IsraelThis is an ideal month to visit. Spring has arrived, bringing with it plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. The chance of rain has diminished, crowds are rare, and the scenery is stunning.

    JordanMay is peak season for warm sunny days when the wildflowers are in bloom throughout the country, and it is the last month before much of the birdlife migrates to cooler climes.

    OmanFor guaranteed sunshine, May is a great month to travel to Oman. Consider chartering a boat for a couple of nights to explore the Daymaniyat Islands and enjoy the sea breeze as you go in search for loggerhead turtles.

    UAE The humidity levels start to increase, however everywhere in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has air conditioning… even the bus shelters… and you will experience a sea breeze all along the coast.


    Bhutan The temperatures are on the ‘up’ and it starts to get a little more humid but now is a good time to embark on the Jumolhari Trek which takes 2 weeks, though some training will be needed for this. We can also arrange shorter treks from a luxury lodge or private campsite.

    IndiaThe high season in Ladakh and Kashmir begins in May. The heat increases across the rest of the country up to around 45°C/113°F, meaning we can negotiate good deals at hotels before the monsoon starts.

    MaldivesThere is more chance of rain in May, but it won’t last for long and we have some great deals with some of our favourite hotels in shoulder season, such as stay 7 nights and only pay for 5 nights or complimentary half board.

    NepalMay has high temperatures and high humidity with a sprinkling of rain, so views are not as clear. It is prime time for Everest summits and for those not so active we can arrange a helicopter or plane ride to see the highest mountain in the world.

    Sri LankaGet really off the beaten track and head to Jaffna, breaking your journey in Trincomalee to look for whales. The accommodation is less sophisticated here and on the east coast, but it is the best area for sunshine in May.


    MoroccoMay is a pleasant and usually dry month and you could time your visit with the Gnaoua Festival in Essaouira or the Sacred World Music Festival in Fez whilst also practising your bargaining skills in the souks.


    AustraliaSunshine and clear blue skies prevail in the north and there are a number of music and food festivals to experience across the country.


    IcelandThis is a popular time to travel as the days get longer, the weather is milder and there is plenty of greenery. Coincide your visit with the Reykjavik arts festival for some incredible theatre, dance, and music, from all over the world.


    CambodiaDuring the monsoon, it is best to avoid the coastline but enjoy the main attractions inland with few other tourists in sight. There are some great deals to be had at the hotels and the high humidity is broken by the short heavy rainstorms.

    ChinaHot weather arrives in China in June, and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to travel. However, a trip Yunnan – where the weather tends to be pleasant all year round – or Inner Mongolia would be enjoyable.

    Hong KongHong Kong can be great for kids during the summer holidays with the June Dragon Boat Festival and free access to the science and history museums every Wednesday. However, be prepared for very hot weather conditions.

    IndonesiaA wonderful destination for the school summer holidays, island hopping between Java, Bali, and Lombok, climbing volcanoes, and going in search of the Komodo Dragon, are just some of the activities we can arrange.

    JapanThe weather has turned hot and humid and the rains have started, but this means we can secure some great deals at our favourite ryokans whilst the main sights of Kyoto and Tokyo are less crowded.

    LaosThe monsoon hits Laos with short sharp showers and the higher you are, the heavier the rain. The rocket festival tends to occur in June to encourage more rain bursts.

    MalaysiaThe east coast is best for beach during the school summer holidays and Malaysia is a great place to learn to snorkel or dive. Many fruits come into season in Sabah making it easier to spot the hungry orangutans.

    MyanmarThe driest parts of the country are in Bagan and Mandalay. For beach, it is best to head to a luxury retreat on Koh Samui as many of the Burmese beaches are closed for the summer.

    PhilippinesThe heavier rain showers begin in June but the islands around Cebu tend to stay dry until August and there are a couple of great hotels we work with in that area.

    SingaporeSingapore is the perfect stopover before continuing to Indonesia or Malaysia for a spectacular honeymoon or family holiday at this time of year.

    ThailandThe hotels have some great offers at this time of year when you are likely to see short sharp showers. For the best beaches head to Koh Samui or Hua Hin.

    VietnamJune is one of the best times to visit central Vietnam with dry days and sun kissed beaches. Avoid the north and south when the monsoon is at its heaviest.


    IsraelThe temperatures begin to rise rapidly in June, with long days of hot sun. As Jewish travellers arrive for the summer holidays, things get busier and Tel Aviv’s beaches fill up.

    JordanJune is the start of the summer when it can be very hot but still nice and dry with less tourists around, meaning we can negotiate some wonderful deals with the hotels. Venture off the beaten track to cool off in the shaded wadis, waterfalls, and canyons.

    OmanThe weather conditions in Oman tend to be hot and humid in June. This is the start of the monsoon in the south when the locals escape the heat by flocking to Salalah for the summer.

    UAEThis is one of the hottest and most humid months of the year. Hence spend a couple of days in UAE before flying further east in search of drier and cooler climates in Malaysia and Indonesia.


    BhutanThe monsoon arrives in June when you will experience regular light showers and there are some smaller festivals in Bumthang to enjoy when there are less tourists around.

    IndiaThis is a wonderful time to be in Ladakh, whilst the rest of India has high humidity, and the monsoon begins. We can arrange trekking, rafting, mountain biking, archery, and cooking lessons in this remote part of the country.

    MaldivesThe whale sharks have moved to the western side of the Indian Ocean and the best sightings tend to be in the Ari Atoll.

    Nepal The monsoon is in full swing in June and the lower clouds hide the mountain views. Hence, we suggest spending a few nights in Kathmandu before heading to Mustang where the climate is drier.

    Sri LankaThe Cultural Triangle and tea plantations are lovely and lush at this time of year. For the best beach head to the east coast or hop on a direct flight to the Maldives.


    MoroccoEnjoy the glorious sunshine poolside or on the coast with a sea breeze as it will be too hot to venture to the desert in June-August.


    AustraliaExplore the depths of the Great Barrier Reef when the currents are less strong and visibility is greater. Alternatively swing a club on Hamilton Island Golf Club and take advantage of the good weather in the north of the country.


    IcelandThe midnight sun is prominent in both June and July throughout Iceland, so make the most of some hard-core hiking opportunities and outdoor pursuits, including the chance to play golf 24 hours a day.


    CambodiaHigh humidity with continued rains and some dry days. The thunderstorms offer wonderful photography opportunities over the lush emerald paddy fields and dramatic temples.

    ChinaJuly is probably China’s hottest month with the excessively dry heat of the north and the humidity and rainfall in the south making it a very difficult time to travel. It’s also holiday season so expect even larger crowds than usual.

    Hong KongThis is one of the hottest months to visit Hong Kong with high humidity and intermittent showers. With direct flights to Bali, use Hong Kong as a stop-over before exploring the culture and beaches of Indonesia.

    IndonesiaCoincide your visit with the Bali Arts festival and stay in one of the boutique hotels in Ubud before relaxing on a beach away from the crowds on Lombok.

    JapanEscape the rains in Japan by travelling to Hokkaido to see the beautiful lavender fields. It is also the Gion festival in Kyoto when the streets are filled with music and decorated floats, but be prepared for high levels of humidity.

    LaosHigh humidity with continued rains and some dry days, means Laos’ landscape is green and lush with some great deals attainable from the hotels.

    MalaysiaJuly is high season for the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula particularly Tioman Island and Kuantan, whilst turtle hatching begins on Selingan Island. Advance bookings for the small lodges of Borneo are essential over the summer months.

    MyanmarJuly is the wettest month of the year but Bagan stays relatively dry and the rest of the country is beautifully lush and green.

    PhilippinesCebu, Bohol and Panglao are the driest parts of the Philippines at this time of year where we can book you into an incredible hotel or charter a boat around these waters with untouched dive sites.

    SingaporeWith the weather still nice and dry, we suggest spending a few nights in Singapore, then hopping aboard a ferry to the more relaxed Bintan or Nikoi island.

    ThailandInland you will find lush and green landscapes from the monsoon rain. For school summer holidays, head to the east coast for the most guaranteed weather.

    VietnamWith hot temperatures and high humidity in the north and rains in the south, stick to the middle of the country which is mostly dry in July.


    IsraelLong, hot days continue, making travelling less comfortable. Cruise ship season is in full swing, with passengers joining the already busy summer crowds.

    JordanJuly is extremely hot but with low humidity levels, so it is still bearable. Stick to the main sites of Petra, Amman, and the Dead Sea where the hotels have air conditioning. You might wish to consider a day trip to Jerash to join in the annual festival of culture, food, music, and literature.

    OmanAlthough turtle hatching can be witnessed year-round, this is the prime time (July-October) when thousands can be seen at Ras al Jinz. Excursions are best in the cooler hours of the mornings and evenings and en route you could stop at the dhow making village of Sur.

    UAECombine a beach holiday in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with flying onto northern India for more predictable weather in Ladakh and an adventurous trekking holiday.


    BhutanThe monsoon rain continues meaning this is one of the most beautiful times to be in Bhutan with rolling green hillsides and the odd glimpse of the Himalayas as the cloud clears in the mornings on the high passes.

    IndiaThe Hemis festival occurs in June or July in Ladakh, when the weather is at its best and the celebrations are in the form of local music and masked dancers performing in the monasteries.

    MaldivesAlthough the ocean can be a little rougher at this time of year, it means there is a fantastic surf and we know the best atolls for surfing over the summer months.

    NepalThere is plenty of rain at this time of year,in Southern and Central Nepal, although the heaviest is at night. We don’t advise trekking during the monsoon as there are many leeches and very boggy paths to navigate. Instead venture to Mustang for stunning landscapes.

    Sri LankaJuly often sees a lull in the monsoon which means Sri Lanka is a fitting destination for summer holidays to cycle through the highlands, raft through the tea plantations, bathe elephant calves, learn to cook Sri Lankan hoppers or relax on the beaches.


    MoroccoEscape the heat by heading to the Atlas Mountains or the Atlantic coast or book into a hotel with a large swimming pool in the palmeraie on the outskirts of Marrakech.


    AustraliaNorthern Australia is best in July, so venture into the outback and witness Ayers Rock in all its glory at sunrise and sunset.


    IcelandEnsure you pack your blindfold for 24 hours of daylight and one of the warmest months of the year. This is the peak time to visit Iceland, so bookings are welcome over a year in advance.


    CambodiaAugust is the peak monsoon month, but the rain remains intermittent and is heaviest in the south. This is a great time to explore Tonle Sap’s stilted and floating villages by boat or kayak and swim under the 20m waterfalls in the Kulen Mountains.

    ChinaAlmost all of China experiences unpleasantly high temperatures in August, making travelling and site-seeing tricky. Western China, however, is a wonderful place to be, with Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang all enjoying great weather and folk festivals.

    Hong KongAugust is often the wettest month of the year, so use Hong Kong as a hub to access more guaranteed weather locations in Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia.

    IndonesiaAugust is a popular time of year to travel to Indonesia with dry and sunny days, particularly on Bali where we can arrange freewheeling down the side of a volcano or surf lessons in Seminyak.

    JapanStay cool in the Japanese Alps and national parks, you could even climb Mount Fuji though avoid the weekends when it can get very crowded.

    LaosMore frequent and heavier rain sees August as the wettest time to be in Laos. The waterfalls and 4,000 Islands in the south have filled in time for the approaching dry season.

    MalaysiaRainfall is lower in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and the Cameron Highlands so combine one of these areas with some relaxation on the east coast. The slashing and burning of crops in Borneo mean there can be a slight haze at this time of year.

    MyanmarThe rains make travelling by road more difficult, so we suggest jumping aboard the Orcaella for 2 weeks to explore the Chindwin river which is often inaccessible during the rest of the year due to low water levels.

    PhilippinesThis is one of the wettest months of the year when typhoons are likely, hence you might prefer to only spend a short amount of time here before continuing to Bali for more guaranteed weather.

    SingaporeThe Singaporean weather is a little less predictable in August, but it makes a good stop-over to get over your jetlag before continuing to Koh Samui where the weather should be more guaranteed.

    ThailandThe monsoon is at its fullest in August throughout the country except for Koh Samui and other east coast beaches.

    VietnamCentral Vietnam is best in August though you may see the odd rain shower and we have negotiated some great deals with hotels throughout the country.


    IsraelSummer temperatures remain at their highest and Tel Aviv is hot and humid. The south is also extremely hot while the north, including Jerusalem, is drier and more pleasant.

    JordanAlthough the campsites in Wadi Rum are still open, it is extremely hot, hence we only suggest staying for 1 night at this time of year to avoid the midday sun. Having said that with less light pollution this is where you will have the best conditions for star gazing and the annual Perseid meteor shower.

    OmanAnother scorching month with high humidity, hence we recommend relaxing beachside or sheltering from the sunshine in the covered souks of Muscat.

    UAECatch the end of the Summerfest in the UAE with a few days in urban landscapes surrounded by tall skyscrapers, then continue to south-east Asia for some culture.


    Bhutan This is prime time for the Matsutake season when you can join in the mushroom picking extravaganza or just enjoy some delicious ‘shroom’ based meals. The monsoon rain continues in Bhutan, so it is best to stick to the lodges and hotels rather than sleeping under canvas.

    IndiaThe monsoon is prominent in most of India when high water levels in the lakes create great birdwatching opportunities and wonderful photography with plenty of boat trips along the Ganges.

    MaldivesStill in shoulder season, we continue to offer wonderful deals at idyllic hotels all with picture perfect white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

    NepalAugust experiences a lot of rain, so many parts of the country become inaccessible or more difficult to navigate, with the exception of Upper and Lower Mustang when it is the peak time to visit.

    Sri LankaSri Lanka’s most famous festival, Perahera, occurs in Kandy with bejeweled elephants, musicians, acrobats and extravagant nightly parades. Over this period book with plenty of notice as the good hotels in Kandy have a limited number of rooms.


    MoroccoAugust is best avoided as the temperatures can be unbearable, that said, for guaranteed sun and a dry heat, Morocco ticks both boxes.


    AustraliaHead to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel with florescent fish and vibrant coral. We can arrange wonderful picnics on castaway beaches nearby when the weather is at its best in the north of Australia.


    IcelandTime your holiday with the Reykjavik jazz festival, before hiking or cycling through the stunning mountainous regions. It is a good time to self-drive when all roads are open (which is rare in Iceland).


    CambodiaThe continued sporadic warm rain ensures the countryside is at its most beautiful giving way to wonderful photographic opportunities with more cloud cover and temple reflections in the water pools that form around the Angkor complex.

    ChinaTemperatures will start to drop slightly in the month of September making it a good time to travel around northern regions. However, the south and central regions many still be experiencing some rainfall.

    Hong KongThere is a strong chance you will experience a tropical cyclone in September but there is also the mid-autumn festival when you can sample incredible mooncakes and other Chinese food on Temple Street.

    IndonesiaThe schools have gone back but the sunshine stays in Indonesia, making this a popular location for honeymoons and romantic getaways. However, you may see a sprinkling of rain towards the end of the month.

    JapanTyphoon season has arrived in the south and autumn begins in the north, hence there are other more favourable months to visit Japan.

    LaosAvoid the crowds in September as the rains begin to subside towards the end of the month. The countryside is green and lush particularly in Vang Vieng and in the north.

    MalaysiaLight rains cover most of the Malaysian peninsula so we can negotiate good deals with the hotels at this time of year and it is the end of the dry season in Borneo.

    MyanmarThe Orcaella cruises along the Irrawaddy to Bhamo in September through majestic gorges and tourist free temples which are inaccessible by road.

    PhilippinesThe monsoon rain continues, and it can be very wet in September, however we have some incredible rates with the hotels and you can always hole up in a luxury spa to escape the thunderstorms.

    SingaporeSeptember is the month when the famous Formula 1 comes to Singapore. Advance bookings over this period is vital and hotel prices increase dramatically.

    ThailandThe monsoon continues making the countryside particularly green and lush and there are less tourists in the country meaning we can negotiate even better rates with the hotels.

    Vietnam This is one of the wettest months in the entire country. The paddy fields are lush and green, and the rates are at an all-time low, but be prepared for plenty of wet weather.


    IsraelTemperatures will now begin to drop again making travelling more comfortable. The crowds diminish and there’s little chance of rain. Don’t forget that the country grinds to a halt for the New year and Yom Kippur. Dates vary between mid-September and early October.

    JordanThe later you can travel in September the better, for more pleasant temperatures when it is also likely that the hot air balloons in Wadi Rum will be operational. Sightseeing is best conducted in the mornings and afternoons to avoid the heat.

    OmanSeptember is still nice and toasty and more pleasant than July/August. It is the end of the breeding season for turtles at Ras al Jinz and Salalah experiences slightly more manageable temperatures. This is a great time of year for birdwatching with our resident ornithologist.

    UAEThe humidity lessens and it is once again possible to create a more exciting itinerary in UAE combining the mountains, cities, desert and coastline all in one trip.


    BhutanThe rains lessen towards the end of the month and you won’t see the Himalayas in September but it is a quieter time of year when you can enjoy discounted rates and traditional hot stone massages.

    IndiaSeptember is the end of the high season in Ladakh and the end of the monsoon in northern India when the country is lush and green with less tourists around.

    MaldivesBlue skies and sunshine with the odd overcast day is what you should expect in September. Consider splitting your stay between an overwater villa and a beach villa and we will ensure your personal butler takes care of the packing and unpacking.

    NepalThe rains become less frequent, and the landscape is lush and green whilst the lodges prepare for the dry season which starts in October.

    Sri LankaElephants scatter the entire country and in September/October you can see hundreds of elephants gathering in Minneriya National Park, in the Cultural Triangle. The southern beaches can be quite rough at this time of year so stick to the east coast.


    Morocco As the temperatures drop in Europe, Morocco stays hot, and it is rare to see rain at this time of year, making it a wonderful month to explore the country


    AustraliaGo in search of southern Humpback whales in Queensland, or witness the beautiful gardens and spring time in Tasmania with hundreds of different bird species that we can help you identify with an expert twitcher.


    IcelandThe days get much shorter and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights towards the end of the month.


    CambodiaThe rains lessen and Tonle Sap will have grown by over 5 times its size by the end of the rainy season, so take the opportunity to visit the stilted and floating villages by boat or by kayak.

    ChinaAn excellent time to visit the whole of China. The temperatures are comfortable, you’ll experience crisp, blue-sky days and stunning autumn colours. Avoid the national holiday in the first week of the month.

    Hong KongOctober is one of the best months to be in Hong Kong when the rainstorms decrease, and you can see incredible views from the Peak.

    IndonesiaThere is a small chance of rain in October, so it is still a great time to travel with some good deals to be had. The Komodo dragons continue to bask in the sun and the island of Sumba has a phenomenal surf.

    JapanThis is one of the more popular months to visit Japan when the foliage is changing colour in the autumn. The gardens in Nikko and Tohoku are particularly striking.

    LaosThe rains fade, so aim to travel at the beginning of the month to avoid the tourists and take advantage of the beautiful landscapes post monsoon.

    MalaysiaThis is the wettest month of the year for Malaysia with rough seas and windy coastlines. Hence stick to Kuala Lumpur and the Highlands for more protected weather, but you will still experience the occasional downpour.

    MyanmarThe surrounding countryside is green and lush, perfect for good photographs whilst the balloons over Bagan and Inle begin operating again.

    PhilippinesIf you can wait until November, we recommend doing so to avoid the last of the rains. Alternatively take the first part of your holiday in Hong Kong before flying on to the Philippines where we can negotiate a great deal on a private island.

    SingaporeOctober is the end of the dry season for most of Indonesia, so we can negotiate some great rates for you here and incorporate a short stopover on the way back home in Singapore, to pick up some last-minute souvenirs.

    ThailandThe second half of October is better for sunshine as the rains decrease and the rural parts of the country and rainforests are at their most beautiful.

    VietnamAvoid the beaches at this time of year unless you want to hole up in a destination spa for a week. The verdant rice terraces in Sa Pa are stunning in October as the rains start to fade.


    IsraelWith temperatures still around 19°C, October continues to be a good month to travel. The milder weather brings a full programme of country-wide events, guaranteeing plenty of entertainment.

    JordanOctober is one of the most popular months to be in Jordan and for the more active we suggest an early start in Petra to enter through the ‘backdoor’ before all the tourists arrive. We also know the best days of the week to time your visit there to see Petra by candlelight.

    OmanOctober is a peak month for tourists to visit Oman with a warm climate making it easy to explore the mountains, the desert, and the coast in all their glory with one of our knowledgeable accompanying guides.

    UAEOctober is a wonderful time to visit UAE. Our top tip would be to spend a few nights in Dubai before off-roading into Oman and crossing the border by road for a real adventure.


    BhutanThis is a great time of year for getting off the beaten track and camping. The rains have normally stopped by now and the Thimphu festival makes this an even more popular month to travel to Bhutan.

    India The rains tend to have ceased in Rajasthan as the monsoon comes to an end. This is perfect timing for school half term with cycling through Delhi’s backstreets, elephant rides and hot air ballooning in Jaipur and the wildlife parks have reopened for the season ahead.

    MaldivesConsider breaking your journey to the Maldives with a couple of nights in UAE for a city stop-over before relaxing on the Maldivian beaches in October.

    NepalOctober sees the end of the monsoon rain and is a wonderful time to view the snow-capped mountains and explore the surrounding valleys of Kathmandu.

    Sri LankaOctober is one of the wettest months of the year when you might want to avoid the coastline and head to the Maldives for more guaranteed weather.


    MoroccoThis is Morocco at its best with good weather spanning the entire country. The desert is not too hot, the mountains are not too cold, and the Imperial cities are the perfect temperature for sightseeing.


    AustraliaKangaroo island comes to life in the south with many wildlife experiences and the end of the wildflower season is in October, creating wonderful photographic opportunities. The north can experience thunderstorms and high humidity at this time of year so is best avoided.


    IcelandOctoberfest comes to Reykjavik with an annual beer festival and famous artists in town. There are also some great photographic opportunities when ancient lava formations are covered in moss.


    CambodiaPleasant dry and cool days, perfect for sightseeing, exploring the countryside and coastline, particularly in the mornings and late afternoons. Visit the boat races in Phnom Penh during the water festival.

    ChinaMost of China will be cooling down in November and whilst it’s still possible to travel to the north and central regions, provinces such as Guangxi in the south will be more comfortable.

    Hong KongTake advantage of the good weather in November with some hikes in the surrounding countryside, barter your way through the markets or charter a private junk for the day.

    IndonesiaThis is one of the wettest months in Bali and its neighbouring islands, so head further east where the sun is still shining in the waters of Raja Ampat.

    JapanA kaleidoscope of colours appear in Autumn but avoid weekends in Tokyo and Kyoto when hotels are more expensive and good guides are harder to come by. The Shichi-go-san festival is a fun festival for children, when many kids dress in bright kimono.

    LaosHigh season has begun in Laos with lovely dry days, ideal for sightseeing and exploring the Mekong, particularly in the mornings and late afternoons.

    MalaysiaNovember is one of the best months for the west coast as the rain disappears and sunshine is prominent. Diwali, the festival of lights occurs in October/November.

    MyanmarTemperatures are still hot and this is one of the peak times to visit Myanmar. The Ngapali beach hotels are operational during these dry, sunny days and the Taunggyi Balloon festival is a fun event to partake in.

    PhilippinesNovember tends to be mostly dry when you can visit local villages, ancient caves and dive amongst wrecks, though be prepared for the odd tropical shower.

    SingaporeThis is one of the wettest months of the year in Singapore. So don’t spend too long here before continuing to another more pleasant Asian destination. Bhutan is spectacular at this time of year and there are direct flights between Singapore and Paro.

    ThailandThe festival of Loy Krathong often takes place in November when locals float small baskets on rivers with offerings to the spirits. The rains have lessened and there is plenty of sunshine.

    VietnamThe rains have subsided in the north and south, meaning it is a great time to see the culture of Vietnam in Hanoi and Saigon, by cyclo, bicycle, vespa, on foot or by car.


    IsraelNovember is still a great month to visit, despite the falling temperatures. After the long summer months however, the countryside will be dusty and brown. Towards the end of the month, cooler winter weather returns with the possibility of rain.

    JordanThis is another wonderful month to visit Jordan before the rains arrive before Autumn comes to an end. We can arrange some adventurous mountain bike rides through the hills or along flatter terrain depending on your fitness level.

    OmanNovember is an excellent time of year for Oman. For the more adventurous we can arrange paragliding, microlighting, paramotoring, deep sea fishing and cliff jumping. Alternatively relax in a luxurious spa, set sail aboard an extravagant yacht, or go shopping in the souks.

    UAESpectate at the Golf DP World Tour Championship in Dubai or swing a club at one of the many golf courses scattering the country, we can pre-book tee times and gain access to exclusive golf clubs. It is also the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November hence we recommend booking hotels with plenty of notice.


    BhutanNovember is famous for the Black-Necked Crane Festival, when these birds migrate from Tibet to the Phobjikha Valley in Gangtey.

    IndiaDiwali is the festival of lights which occurs in October or November. The rains have now finished in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and there are some stunning views to be witnessed from the foothills of the Himalayas.

    MaldivesOn arrival in Male your choice of transportation ranges from private dhonis to luxury yachts and seaplanes to scheduled domestic flights. The further you travel the more remote it will feel and in November we have some great deals to share with you.

    NepalThis is one of the most popular months to visit Nepal with bluebird days for trekking, high water levels for white water rafting and wonderful backdrops for wildlife photography.

    Sri LankaThe monsoon rains can make road conditions more challenging, hence we suggest taking seaplanes or helicopters between destinations to shorten journey times and get a unique bird’s eye view of the country.


    MoroccoThe first half of November is often still lovely and warm, whilst the second half will experience some rain and a drop in temperature. This is a great month to camel ride, quad bike, or dune bash through the Sahara Desert.


    AustraliaTime your visit with the Melbourne Cup for one of the most famous horse races in the world. Alternatively head to the Blue Mountains or the Margaret River region for some excellent hiking.


    IcelandPolar nights arrive, with only 3-4 hours of daylight. There is an unending night life in Reykjavik and the Northern Lights can be seen from less light polluted areas.


    CambodiaThis is one of the peak months to visit Cambodia, particularly over the festive period, so don’t leave it too late to book so we can guarantee you the best guides and rooms.

    ChinaUnless you want to brave the cold for skiing or Haarbin’s Ice Festival, you’re best to leave the north behind in December and spend your time in the southernmost provinces, such as Guangdong.

    Hong KongHong Kong is a great party city to visit over New Year’s Eve with plenty of fireworks in Victoria Harbour and we can arrange a number of interesting activities for children at this time of year.

    IndonesiaFollow the sunshine to Raja Ampat aboard a luxury liveaboard and swim with both reef and oceanic manta rays.

    JapanThe ski season has begun in Hokkaido and we dare you to sample a traditional Japanese KFC for Christmas, before warming up in a natural onsen.

    LaosDecember is one of the best times to be in Laos. We advise booking with plenty of notice so we can secure the best hotel rooms and guides.

    MalaysiaFor good weather, relax on the Malaysian peninsula’s west coast and delve into the more tropical highlights of the Lowlands and Highlands.

    MyanmarDecember is a great month to travel the entire country with warm temperatures and we can even arrange for Father Christmas to pay you a visit if you wish.

    PhilippinesThis is a great time of year to visit the Philippines with warm sunny days and great visibility for snorkelling and diving in the incredible turquoise waters or star gazing into cloudless skies.

    SingaporeHigh precipitation levels in Singapore means it would be wise to pack an umbrella, though this doesn’t stop the incredible fireworks over the marina for New Year’s Eve or the magical Christmas wonderland at Gardens by the Bay.

    ThailandThis is peak time to travel in terms of weather and popularity. As a result, rates are more expensive, but the weather is more guaranteed (although we suggest avoiding the east coast).

    VietnamAlthough a little chilly in the north, December is a lovely time to see this part of Vietnam when it should be mostly dry. The south is great for the beach and exploring Ho Chi Minh City, where many Vietnamese also celebrate Christmas.


    IsraelWinter weather fluctuates between mild, sunny periods, heavy rain and even snowfall. On average, the temperature remains between 10°C and 15°C.

    JordanThere is a high chance of snow in December, and it can get extremely cold, hence we suggest staying warm in one of the therapeutic spas at the Dead Sea or visiting Aqaba in the south, where it will be a little warmer.

    OmanDue to it being the festive period, hotel rates are at an all-time high and the weather is not as predictable. We would therefore suggest you consider flying further east.

    UAEThe temperatures drop a little in December so a jacket is needed in the evenings and it can be too cold for camping in the desert. However, the shopping malls and indoor restaurants are well heated, and the Dubai New Year’s Eve fireworks should not be missed.


    BhutanThe temperatures start to drop, so the earlier you travel in December, the better to ensure the best road access, or of course you can always resort to helicopter transfers if you want to avoid the long car journeys.

    IndiaDecember is a popular month to visit India when sightseeing can be done in pleasant temperatures, though it can be cooler at night. Consider combining Kerala with the Maldives for a gentle introduction to India and the some of the best beaches in the world.

    MaldivesSubstitute powder white snow for powder white sand in the Maldives this Christmas. With warm sunny days, this is a popular time of year for a beach holiday, so advance bookings are recommended.

    NepalThis is still a great time of year to explore Nepal with dramatic jagged mountain vistas and the sun overhead. We know some lovely hillside lodges to cosy-up in as the temperature drops at night.

    Sri LankaDecember is a popular time to visit Sri Lanka with the start of the pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak which continues until May and sunny weather can be found across the country, particularly in the south-west.


    Morocco This is a less popular time of year to visit Morocco due to the onset of cold weather, however it is still a lot warmer than Europe and you can coincide your visit with the Marrakech International Film Festival.


    AustraliaThe ocean temperature in the south is enticing, so take a dip in the waters off Sydney and see the incredible New Year’s Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can also witness the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on Boxing Day.


    IcelandFor guaranteed snow at Christmas, look no further than Iceland and with a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights this is a great time of year to travel, but don’t forget your thermals.