At Wix Squared we are committed to providing our clients with luxurious, enthralling travel experiences in a sustainable way.  We promote responsible tourism, including conservation, enterprise, health and perhaps most importantly education.


We have transitioned from using paper by establishing a personalised Travel App, as a sophisticated electronic concierge facility. Furthermore many of our international partners provide reusable face masks for your comfort and convenience. Additionally, our ongoing commitment to sustainability advocates reusable water bottles and some cars can be fitted with water containers, to minimise plastic manufacturing.

When selecting our transport partners we ensure they are using modern vehicles which thereby lessen their environmental impact. Perhaps you might be tempted to take a step further and think about chartering a sailing boat through the Komodo Islands in Indonesia; pause for thought as you cut your engines and hoist your sails. Instead of flying between Vietnam and Cambodia, glide up the Mekong River on the Aqua Mekong, no crowded airports here, nor carbon emissions for that matter. Maybe embark on a journey with the Orient Express between Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia or climb aboard the electric Gatimaan Express in Delhi to see the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. However you decide to travel, we encourage you to take it slow, spending more time in each place to fully absorb your surroundings and embrace the benefits of ‘slow travel’.

Where possible, we will give you the option to tread more lightly and travel by train, boat, on foot, horse, bicycle, rickshaw or cyclo to navigate your way around and immerse yourself in local culture.

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You might like to think about the benefits of off-peak travel. Many destinations become inundated with visitors in high season creating the potential for over-tourism and a sense of chaos and noise. The benefits of travelling off-peak will give you more for your money and will also provide you with a more relaxed vibe; this creates a longer season for your host-country and in turn, gives an improved quality of life to them as well.

Instead of riding elephants, we endorse the caring for these great creatures and encourage appreciating them in the wild. We can arrange visits to ethical elephant orphanages in Thailand, private safaris in Sri Lanka and help bathe rescue elephants in India.

There are a plethora of options for you to choose from if you wish to immerse yourself in a wholly sustainable stay. Zipline your way into Shinta Mani Wild in Cambodia, where you can see why and how you can make a real difference in protecting unique and endangered species. Soneva Fushi in the Maldives is operating a “Conscious” programme which is designed to educate both Maldivians and guests alike in the ways of marine biology, how they are addressing permaculture and the benefits of the track and trace of their wildlife. Six Senses operate a zero-waste policy across all their hotels, they are installing beehives wherever possible and are coining the phrase “grown in, not flown in”. Alternatively visit the Gobi Desert in Mongolia; here you will find the luxury Three Camel Eco Lodge whose remit is to protect the Gobi Desert by creating a property that enables controlled tourism to bolster the local community.

Shinta Mani Wild

Many of our partner hotels have philanthropic associations with local communities; they are operating their hotels more efficiently with emphasis on food wastage and energy efficiency. Some are also endorsing sustainable eating habits by supporting local producers and we encourage you to enjoy street food markets and meet the producers supplying them. You will be able to meet local craftsmen as well and soak up the traditions and cultures of these people.

Many of the hotels that we work with also support local orphanages, the social welfare of their communities and local schools and their patronage has enabled us to do our bit by visiting these places and learning from them on a like for like basis.

We are getting involved. Do you want to as well?

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