This is a series of bespoke itineraries full of exciting challenges, that educate, entertain, and enable friends, families and groups travelling together to discover more about the country they are visiting, through solving clues and in return, receive rewards along the way. From wildlife photography challenges, to blind tea tasting competitions, hiking contests to navigating Galle countryside by boat, bike and Tuk Tuk, the Wix Squared World Challenge itineraries offer a new sense of adventure that promise a truly extraordinary travel experience that bring families, friends and groups closer and leave guests feeling enriched and alive. 

Inspired by a growing demand for a sense of adventure and the BBC’s popular ‘Race Across the World’ series, Founder Alex Wix, tailors challenges around the themes of Culture, Adventure and Gastronomy. The first Wix World Challenge launches in Sri Lanka with a 10 night itinerary throughout Colombo, the Hill Country, Yala National Park and Galle Fort where guests will experience the very best of Sri Lanka, on a deeper level, through the fun challenges and clues that Alex and her team have created.

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Here is an example of what we could create in Sri Lanka:

World Challenges

The Sri Lanka Challenge starts in Colombo where guests will explore the city by Tuk Tuk, sampling as many street food eats and local delicacies as possible. 

Those who are the most daring will be treated to an Arrack cocktail.

train to ella

Guests will then take a car and train to the tea plantations in the Hill Country and test their videography skills on the journey to see who can curate the best 10 second video of the stunning landscapes from the train, these will be submitted to Wix Squared to be judged and featured on Wix Squared’s social media.

The winner will be treated to a bottle of bubbles.

Sri Lanka

The inner adventurer will then be awakened as guests are to see who can hike the longest part of the newly launched Pekoe Trail in one day. 

The winner will be rewarded with a much deserved  foot massage.

blind tea tasting

Guests will then be immersed in one of Sri Lanka’s greatest traditions, by discovering the country’s exquisite tea offering, and will experience a blind tea tasting, to see who can detect the best quality tea. 

The winner will return home with a specialised tea present.

Yala National Park

Wildlife lovers will thrive in the next part of the trip  in Yala National Park where guests will be tasked with spotting the wildlife in their natural habitat, and wildlife photography skills are put to the test in order to capture images animals including leopards, sloths, Asian elephants and, depending on the season, whales and turtles. 

The best photograph will be printed professionally for the guest.

Sri Lanka

The final part of the trip in Southern Sri Lanka where guests will make the most of Sri Lanka’s eclectic forms of transport, and navigate the countryside surrounding Galle by bike, boat and Tuk Tuk to find clues before being rewarded with a cooking class on how to make traditional egg hoppers. 

This 10 night itinerary includes a 2 nights in Colombo, 3 nights in the Tea Plantations, 2 nights in Yala National Park and 3 nights near Galle, and all experiences as mentioned above and return flights to Colombo from £4,300 per person, based on 2 people travelling.

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