Mention the word ‘safari’ and most will flock towards Africa, but we have some more unusual wildlife experiences on our books. Go in search of the elusive tiger in Madhya Pradesh, the Japanese snow monkeys bathing in Jigokudani’s hotsprings, the incredible birdlife on Tonle Sap or play Lawrence of Arabia for a day or so, riding through Wadi Rum on camel back. There are so many other possibilities but here are a few more of our favourites…

Venture underwater to dive or snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, home to a myriad of species of fish, turtles, sharks, manta rays and vibrant coral. Or stay above water on an airboat safari with saltwater crocodiles and water buffalo.
Let us recommend the best national park for spotting the Royal Bengal tiger or take a hot air balloon over Amber Fort to hear the national bird (peacock) crowing at sunrise.
Head to the Komodo islands aboard your very own private schooner to witness the prehistoric Komodo dragons, the king of all lizards. Or sail further east to Raja Ampat for some of the best diving in the world.
Many species inhabit the jungles of Borneo, and we can help you identify all 10 monkey species as they swing through the trees including proboscis monkeys and Bornean orangutans, with the help of a specialist naturalist.
Spend morning and evening with our favourite wildlife specialist exploring Yala or Wilpattu National Park to track leopard and sloth bear from your tented camp. We can also arrange private boats/helicopters to see blue whale around Mirissa, elephants swimming in Gal Oya or arrange visits to local turtle sanctuaries.
The national symbol of Thailand is the elephant, and these magnificent creatures can be found roaming the entire country. We can arrange a number of elephant interactions including mahout training and elephant bathing and have done our research to ensure the wellbeing of each of these great mammals is never jeopardised.